Always Popular, Never Cool

These are some images from our exhibition Always Popular, Never Cool, which was on display this fall at the Markham Museum, a twenty-five-acre pioneer village housing thirty centuries-old structures.  Our piece was part of a huge project called “Land/Slide: Possible Futures“, curated by the astonishingly smart and generous Janine Marchessault, who previously co-curated The Leona Drive Project, as well as Museum for the End of the World at last year’s Nuit Blanche.  Janine also teaches at York University.

Our project is a diorama depicting a sexual assault at a middle-schoolers’ house party, which is interrupted by a kind of feral-child superhero called Ardath, who bursts upon the scene clad in animal skins and riding a coyote.  It has been written about here:

Tee watching with YOLO hatNils watching Nils amd Tee with ipadDorie passed out Artdath and Seth w bed in backgroundardath facing boys ardath and connor with phone