Always Popular, Never Cool

These are some images from our exhibition Always Popular, Never Cool, which was on display this fall at the Markham Museum, a twenty-five-acre pioneer village housing thirty centuries-old structures.  Our piece was part of a huge project called “Land/Slide: Possible Futures“, curated by the astonishingly smart and generous Janine Marchessault, who previously co-curated The Leona Drive Project, as well as Museum for the End of the World at last year’s Nuit Blanche.  Janine also teaches at York University.

Our project is a diorama depicting a sexual assault at a middle-schoolers’ house party, which is interrupted by a kind of feral-child superhero called Ardath, who bursts upon the scene clad in animal skins and riding a coyote.  It has been written about here:

Tee watching with YOLO hatNils watching Nils amd Tee with ipadDorie passed out Artdath and Seth w bed in backgroundardath facing boys ardath and connor with phone

The Beauty is Relentless

The Short Movies of Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby

The Beauty is Relentless

Editor:  Mike Hoolboom.

Featuring essays by: Jason McBrideClaudia DeySholem KristalkaKyo MaclearTerence DickAndrea SlovakovaTom ShermanSteve ReinkeSarah HollenbergMonique MoumblowAkira Mizuta Lippit.

“[Here] exists a kind of nakedness, a peeling away of propriety, a questioning of behavioral and social systems—and yet I find their work refreshingly playful and deeply generous.”—Deborah StratmanUniversity of Illinois at Chicago.

The literary post-punk short movies of Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby have been tearing up the festival/gallery circuit for the past fifteen years with their blend of bedroom pop, perverse animations, and hopes for fame. In this collection of award-winning scripts, creative writings, and critical missives, scholars, video legends, and animal experts—including Steve Reinke, Sarah Hollenberg, Akira Lippit, and Tom Sherman—weigh in on why these movies matter.

Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby have been collaborating since 1994. Their work has won the top prize at festivals in Ann Arbor and Chicago, and awards in Zurich, and Hamburg. They teach at Syracuse University.

Mike Hoolboom is an internationally renowned experimental moviemaker and critic.

Made possible by: Pleasure Domemocca, and The Canada Council for the Arts.

Available from Coach House Books and